Melchizedek was Right!

Kwen Khan Khu
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150 gr
147x204x6 mm
Color edition.
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The V.M. Kwen Khan Khu gives this work to humanity for it to know the figure of its great Planetary Regent, the Genie of the Earth, the V.M. Melchizedek. This mythological figure of the Bible and of ancient oriental texts is much more than that, he is an authentic Solar Man who has been known in the East and in the West. However, he has always been surrounded by a halo of mystery to us, the humanoids of this planet. With this work doubts are dispelled and darkness clears, shedding light on this majestic Being who left his prophecies in Tibetan temples, which were opportunely collected. Today all this reappears in this great work, so that Melchizedek shines splendorously with his own light, the same light that illuminates and guides this planet.